Why us

Benefit from our adaptability

Together, we gather more than 40 years of experience in both the public and private sector. We have lived and worked across the globe with people from all origins and walks of life. Our professional and personal journeys have led us to interact with and learn from grassroots activists and advocates, philanthropists, businesspeople, senior government officials and global thought leaders.

Build on our experience with working across sectors

Through our various roles as chief executive officers, programme managers and team leaders our experience spans across various sectors: public, non-for-profit and private sectors. We understand distinct features and constraints of different institutional cultures and are able to adapt to them.

Draw on our insights, connections, and passion for Africa

Africa has a special place in our hearts and portfolio of services. Sabina got to learn about this continent since her first steps in professional life at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 2006, she has been living and working in Côte d’Ivoire in various capacities, with extensive travel across West Africa. Her deep understanding of local realities and cultures are an asset for anyone wishing to address social challenges on the continent.

Olaf has worked closely on Africa-related topics since 2016, setting up and leading Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA), now a leading NGO in the context of Higher Education. As Founding Director, he built impactful programmes and influential partnerships, and raised significant funding. Since 2020, West Africa has featured prominently in Olaf’s work in the field of education.

Leverage our networks in Europe and beyond

Olaf served in leadership roles with major European philanthropies like the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Jacobs Foundation and developed a broad network with philanthropic and other leaders throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. Sabina has built a strong and diverse professional network across West Africa.