Catalytic. Considerate. Committed.

Greater impact and collaboration to address development challenges and social responsibility effectively.

Our mission

We support people and organisations tackling development challenges and social responsibility to achieve greater impact.

Whom we work with

We work with philanthropists, foundations, public donors, governments, and business, to help them tackle social and development challenges more effectively.

What our clients say

“Sabina and Olaf have been instrumental in bringing together the Child Learning and Education Facility (CLEF), the largest public-private partnership in education globally focussing on a single country, involving the Government of Côte d’Ivoire, 16 chocolate and cocoa companies, and 2 philanthropic foundations, to promote effective learning at scale in Côte d’Ivoire.”
“With the dedicated support of Catalytica Consulting we convened Swiss foundations within the Funders for Climate Coalition (FCC), aiming to leverage the impact of philanthropic climate funding.”
“Catalytica Consulting navigated me through a crucial phase of my philanthropic venture. They provided constructive, informed and incisive advice, in a flexible and approachable manner. Catalytica have clear processes and a strong eye for rigour. Thanks to their expertise the foundation has strengthened its position and effectiveness in the literacy field in West Africa. I highly recommend them!”
“As Partner Agent for the Child Learning and Education Facility (CLEF), in partnership with KPMG, Catalytica Consulting has proven to be a highly skilled facilitator of trusted collaboration between the public, private and philanthropic sectors. This strong, long-term partnership enables us to contribute effectively to the implementation of systemic change in primary education in Côte d’Ivoire.”

Organisations we worked with