What we do

We provide expertise, skills, and experience in developing strategies, designing ambitious programs, and forging multi-stakeholder partnerships, while promoting alignment with national policies and frameworks. We curate relationships and communication.


Catalytica works globally. We have a long-standing expertise, network and presence in Europe and West Africa.

Developing Strategies

We support our clients with strategy development processes, be it as a sparring partner or as reviewers, with a focus on relevance, impact, and cost-efficiency.

Catalytica Consulting supported the Funders for Climate Coalition in Switzerland to jointly set up their strategy to leverage the impact of collaborative funding and other resources to reach the climate goals. In previous roles, Sabina and Olaf have been instrumental in setting up and implementing strategies. Examples include the strategy of ESSA, of which Olaf was the Founding Director, and major initiatives of the Robert Bosch Foundation, where Olaf was SVP, like the European Program for Migration and Integration (EPIM) and the German School Academy. Other examples include the strategies for the TRECC and CLEF initiatives to which Sabina has strongly contributed.

Managing, Implementing and Evaluating Programmes

We support the management, implementation, and evaluation of programmes and programme portfolios, assessing the relevance of strategies, and measuring the outcomes.


We work within various thematic areas such as education, climate change, migration & social inclusion, and child protection. We bring on board complementary topical expertise as relevant, through our network of experienced professionals.


Catalytica manages the Jacobs Foundation’s education portfolio in Côte d’Ivoire. This includes close cooperation with the Ministry of Education aiming to mainstream the use of data and rigorous research to design, test, and scale evidence-based programs and policies to improve student’s learning outcomes.


In previous roles, Sabina managed the implementation of election observation programs, capacity building programs for civil society organisations, and education programs.

Building and Managing Partnerships

As enthusiastic advocates of cross-sectors collaboration, which is challenging but crucial to tackle complex social problems, we are passionate about weaving large scale successful partnerships, facilitating effective multi-stakeholders’ coalitions and building robust networks.


Our first-hand experience spans from designing the key features of a new partnership to leading negotiations and facilitating collaborative platforms.


Sabina and Olaf have been instrumental in setting up the multi-stakeholder partnership CLEF, facilitating negotiations and strategy processes, and engaging successfully a large variety of stakeholders to jointly address a root cause of child labor in cocoa. Today, in partnership with KPMG Côte d’Ivoire, Catalytica holds fiduciary responsibility, supervises program activities to ensure timely and quality implementation, engages in resources mobilization and communication for the CLEF partnership.

Conducting studies and analysis

We conduct studies and analysis to provide our clients with information and insights on selected topics.


As an example, Catalytica conducted a mapping and contextual analysis of child protection initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, to inform future investments of a private company.

Advising Philanthropists and Foundations

We work with philanthropic clients at every stage of their individual or corporate giving journey. This includes the definition of a vision, a mission and objectives, the development of a suitable strategy and its implementation and the tools necessary to work successfully. We help with the identification of fundable projects and to liaise and exchange with peers. We support our clients with the organisational development of their philanthropic endeavour, the staffing, and the building of their board.


We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion.