Our Services

Foundations and Founders

We support you in every phase of your foundation’s development: setup, early stage, long-standing.

  • Thematic focus.
  • Strategy and organisational development.
  • Sustainable investment, funding activities & grantee support.
  • Facilitation of processes & project management.
  • Cooperation, partnerships, networks.
  • Recruitment of senior team and board members.
  • Measurement, evaluation, and learning.


More and more corporations are getting engaged to make the world a better place. We support your business to

  • Identify the thematic focus and formats for corporate engagement & corporate giving.
  • Be strategic and achieve impact.
  • Position your engagement with the public, clients, partners, and employees.
  • Practically engage, build up knowledge, find the right partners and projects, build trust.
  • Save money through smart strategies and implementation.
  • Develop strategies for a mutually beneficial relationship between business and corporate giving structures.

Nonprofit Organisations/NGOs

We work with you towards greater impact, supporting you in various fields:

  • Strategy development.
  • Facilitation of processes.
  • Building the knowledge base.
  • Project management.
  • Partnerships and Networks.
  • Recruitment of senior team and board members.
  • Measurement, evaluation, and learning.

Banks and Law firms

You are advising philanthropists?


We cooperate with Banks and Law Firms to extend their services for philanthropy and families beyond legal and tax. Together, we accompany clients in the strategic design and implementation of their philanthropic endeavour.

Additional Services

We offer the following tailor-made services. Get in touch to find out more.

360-degree feedback

Check the positioning of your organisation with our 360-degree feedback,  a space for reflection beyond day-to-day business. We offer a free package to help you understand your position: within your sector, regarding your culture, your objectives, strategy, team and delivery. It just takes half a day and can be done remotely. 

Stakeholder analysis

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your internal and external stakeholder groups and support you to leverage your impact with them.


Stakeholder engagement is crucial to success. But more and more, extended participation is requested. We support your organisation to understand the benefits and challenges of more participation, and to identify best ways to operate.


Media strategy & Public Relations production and review, media training, video & audio production, media impact maximi-sation, stakeholder relations, social media strategy & production, newsletters training & production.